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Crafted By Kaydee

Climber Triangle

Climber Triangle

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Climbing stairs so that children can realize their natural development needs in a comfortable environment. Stair steps create a rhythm that invites you to conquer and move.

The child actively perceives the environment, analyzes it and synchronizes with his movements. At the age of a few months, the triangle will be perfect for hanging toys. Hooks are mounted at one end of the ramp. The ramp serves as a table together with a playhouse.

Height of the triangle: 90 cm; width: 76 cm; The length of the ramp is 115 cm

15 mm thick certificated laminated natural baltic birch plywood, which ensures durability and safety throughout its use. The surface of the material is covered with a transparent laminate coating in opal white color, which fully preserves the natural pattern of the wood and gently reflects daylight.

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