Engrave, Personalize & Build to bring any idea to life

Cutting boards to home decor to functional items and so much more! Crafted By Kaydee is your one stop shop for all the things. Reach out to the contact page for anything not listed here. Don't forget to check out my Instagram for the latest arrivals.

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  • Closing Gifts

    Working with Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers and Financial Advisors is one of my passions. Giving them an opportunity to personalize closing gifts is a joy.

  • Gift Giving

    Gift Giving has always brought me so much joy on a personal level- so it was only natural to make a business out of it. My goal is to make gifts personal again!

  • Engraved Photos

    3D engraved photos are near to my heart. It's amazing the detail my machine is able to bring out. You can FEEL the photo! How cool is that?

All Things Cutting Boards

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