The Unique Possibilities of Custom-Made Jewelry

The Unique Possibilities of Custom-Made Jewelry

Jewelry can say many things to many different people, but traditional jewelry can – at times – only say so much. Custom-made jewelry, however, offers a unique, fine-tuned message. Here are just some of the benefits of giving custom jewelry pieces.

Why Choose Custom-Made Jewelry

No Mass Production

The beauty of custom-made jewelry is that each piece is entirely unique from the next. No conveyor belt of identical rings or necklaces here, each piece goes through various stages of attention and hand-crafting that the artisan (in our case Kaydee) puts into it. When buying a piece like this you’re not just giving say, a ring, you’re giving an artist’s unique creation.

Time is Precious

Because an artist, craftsman, or jeweler can only work on so many pieces in a day. And any artist will tell you when they are working on a piece, all of their focus is on it. They focus, polish, and perfect until the piece is exactly how they want before moving it on. The carving, stamping, sawing, and polishing is all done with care and attention that is only possible through time and a personal touch.

Quality Materials

When quantity and profit is the name of the game, other things take the backseat. One of those is often the materials. After all, a machine stamping out hundreds of pieces an hour can make a tidy sum if the materials don’t cost much either. But knowing you are working with your hands, for a length of time on a single piece at a time, you want to create something from the best materials and the best processes. After all, this is art!

Buying Local!

Lots of talk these days about buying and supporting your local small businesses, yadda yadda yadda. That’s great and all, do not get it twisted. But buying local is also supporting a more sustainable business, it’s environmentally conscious to boot! Not too shabby when you’re giving a shiny, sparkly gift : )

Getting Exactly What You Want

The final, and no doubt most important, the reason for buying custom made jewelry is that you get exactly what you want for your loved one! You can get a bracelet formed with just the right twist and charms, a simple elegant stamped bar can have any message or name for your sweetheart. Together with a custom jeweler, you can make your dreams and ideas a reality!

You have a special someone in your life, a friend, lover, family member. Someone you hold dear. What could possibly be more precious a treasure than something made just for them? Exactly. That’s what Crafted by Kaydee strives to do. Beautiful, handmade, custom pieces can be gifted and show exactly how you feel.

Whether that’s a cutting board for your friend's housewarming or a dog tag for your precious pooch, Kaydee can (and will) craft it for you. Take a look around the site, reach out if you have any questions – together we will make the perfect piece!

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