Best Realtor Closing Gifts for Your Clients

Best Realtor Closing Gifts for Your Clients

When you are a realtor and you have a closing on a home, apartment, or property you want to be sure you give your clients amazing and personalized gifts. If you are about to close a deal pay attention to what your clients like and begin thinking of the gift ideas. Giving them a local and personalized gift shows that you know your way around their area and possibly the way to their hearts. Pay close attention throughout your time with your clients to see just what they may want or need for their big move. Below I have listed 8 great realtor closing gifts for you to think about!

1. Case of Wine 

When you decide to give your client a case of wine be sure to use a local wine shop. While receiving a box of wine every month in the mail is nice, using a local wine shop is more personal to their new home. You also are showing that you work with local businesses and may even gain more business from the wine shop. Work with the employees of the shop and they will most likely happily provide suggestions of what to give, descriptions and origins of each wine, and what to pair with the wine. This is a great “welcome home” gift for your clients.


2. A Robotic Vacuum

While a vacuum may seem impersonal take notice throughout your time if the client has children, pets, or is not in their home too often. A robotic vacuum is great for clients that lead a busy and hectic life. You can find vacuums that pair with Alexa, have an app, and do so much to make your clients life a little easier. During move in we all know just how messy and dusty a home can get, so this will be well worth it and well appreciated!

3.  A Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is one of the best gifts you can give a new homeowner. They can now see and hear who is at their door on their phone. When an unexpected visitor comes by they won’t miss it, and they certainly won’t miss a package again. This is especially great for your clients who live on their own or may have children. This allows them to quickly check who is at the door with the swipe of a finger without ever having to peak their head out of the curtain.

4.  A Cheese Board and Coasters

Who doesn’t love a good Charcuterie Board paired with coasters to put out during a party? By purchasing a personalized board for your clients, you show them how much you care. Don’t go and buy what everyone else in the neighborhood will have, instead make it special and meaningful to them.

5.  A Cutting Board

A nice bamboo cutting board is always a great addition to any kitchen. When deciding on a realtor closing gift for your clients think about custom cutting boards that go well with your clients home and style. Pay attention to your clients and what they like. Do they like Game of Thrones, Turtles, Cacti, or even the entire United States? I create custom cutting boards for whatever your client may like in their home!

6.  Coffee Pod Holders

Nearly everyone uses a Keurig or Nespresso in their home for that quick cup of coffee in the morning. Make the look of all those coffee pods nice and sleek by giving your client a coffee pod holder for their refrigerator. It is easy to load the pods on and easy to clean. This is a cute little gift to get your client to create some ease and comfort in their new home while they settle in.

7.  Gift Card to a Local Coffee Shop or Bar

Back to being local, giving your clients a gift card for a local coffee shop or bar can be a good way to help your clients discover new places near their home. This can be a great introduction to new restaurants, cafes, and people to meet in your client's neighborhood. However, be sure before purchasing this that your clients either enjoy coffee and tea or drink alcohol. You don’t want to purchase something that will never be used by your client and will not be well received.

8.  Home Portrait Notecards

This is another great custom designed realtor closing gift for your clients. By having someone sketch out the home you have sold and placing them on notecards or thank you cards for your clients is a phenomenal gift. These are useful for your clients and you may even receive one yourself! They are also fun for your clients to send out to family and friends to show them their new home.

 When closing a deal realtors are often expected to give a gift to their client. During your time with your client be sure that you pay attention to the details of what they do and don’t like. Try to stay local with anything you get them that can be mass produced and try to keep things personalized. The more thought and effort you put into your realtor closing gifts the more your clients will appreciate it and possibly recommend you. If you are looking for custom items check out my website Crafted by Kaydee for a ton of great gifts!

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