Personalized Bridal Gifts for the New Couple or The Bridal Party

Personalized Bridal Gifts for the New Couple or The Bridal Party

Wedding season is here and let’s face it, you don’t want to get a gift that multiple people are giving the bride and groom. You want this to be something special, something to help them remember and cherish one of the most special days of their lives (and maybe remember you gave it to them!). There are so many personalized bridal gifts you can get for the new couple. I’ve listed 10 items that I can create for you to give as a bridal gift and why each is a great personalized gift!

1.  Cutting Board

If either the bride or the groom enjoy cooking then receiving a personalized cutting board will be a great gift. You can engrave anything you wish into the cutting boards, from their name, to a sweet saying, to a Game of Thrones board! If you are looking to design something completely different and sentimental reach out to me and I will work with you to customize the perfect personalized bridal gifts.

2.  Charcuterie Board 

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? This is a great personalized bridal  gift, especially for the parties right after the wedding! The newlywed couple is able to use the gift you’ve given them constantly that says their name or even “Mr. & Mrs.” with the date of their wedding! You can also add nice wooden coasters to the gift that match the charcuterie board.

3.  Bar Necklace

Maybe you are the bride reading this and wondering what to get your bridesmaids? We know it is a difficult task to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids that everyone will actually enjoy. You can choose between my 16K Rose Gold Plated Bar or the 16K Silver Plated Bar. You can place anything from names, initials, coordinates, whatever you choose onto these necklaces. These are great bridal party gifts because of their customization and simplicity!

4.  Wine Glass

Wine glasses are a great present not only for the bride and groom, but also for the bridal party. We all know that after the wedding, everyone will need a good glass of wine to wind down and relax, even the few days after the wedding will require some wine. Each time the bride and groom see the set of personalized wine glasses you bought them they will think of you. And each time the bridal party sees the wine glasses the bride bought them they will remember celebrating that special day with her.

5.  Wine Glass Name Tag 

We all know that everyone loses their wine glasses while getting ready for the wedding and during the wedding. To help your bridal party keep their glasses near them at all times you can give them these cute wine name tags with their name and a cute saying or the date!

6.  Wedding Hangers

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of whose dress is whose and whose tuxedo is whose. I can help with this problem by engraving wooden hangers with the names of each bridesmaid and groomsmen. Using wooden hangers with names is not only a great way to know who is wearing what, but it is also a great little bridal party gift.

7.  Wedding Name Cards & Table Numbers

To create a little personalization for your wedding and the guests surprise them with personalized engraved name cards for where they are sitting. This is a nice little parting gift for each guest to have their name on a small wooden card. You can also order table numbers from me! These sleek ways of placing the number on your table show guests that you were thought of every little detail. You can purchase these in a multitude of colors and contact me for different shapes.

8.  Flower Girl Brush 

As a bride it is hard to keep track of everyone and everything you need to get for your wedding. This is why you have your amazing helpers such as your mother, maid of honor, potential event planner, and so many more! Whether you realize it or not, your little flower girl is also one of those amazing helpers preparing the aisle with gorgeous flower petals for you to walk down.

You want to be sure included in your personalized bridal gifts you have a little something for the flower girl - the one who is so excited to be in a wedding she has told everyone at school and has been waiting for this day almost just as long as you! Giving her a little brush saying she is the flower girl with engraved flowers and potentially the date of your wedding so she can forever remember.


Each of these personalized bridal gifts is something that either a newlywed couple or anyone in the bridal party will enjoy receiving. If you are looking to create something special for anyone during wedding season contact me. I am happy to work with you for any ideas you may have that are not already in my bridal collection!
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