Laser Cutter Projects: Creative Fun

Laser Cutter Projects: Creative Fun

Laser Cutter Projects: Creative Fun

Laser cutting is fun for people who enjoy making homemade crafts for family and friends. Laser cutter projects are ways in which people can have fun and create custom designs on multiple platforms. Whether you are designing something yourself or using a template seeing your finished work that is usable is always entertaining!


There are an array of projects that can be made using a laser cutter. From wine glasses, to key chains, to jewelry, and even to rugs multiple materials can be used for crafts with laser cutters. Below I have given you a list of items in which I have made or items I find interesting that fellow laser cutters have created as well!

1. Earrings

Earrings are a girl's best friend. They can make a statement to any outfit. Whether you have large hoops or small simple earrings you can’t go wrong! Sometimes you want a pop of color and a cute design to make a statement. Look no further! My laser cut earrings are some of the cutest. From tropical leaves, to cacti, to wine glasses these are a great gift for any woman. Adding a little bit of fun to your outfit can make all the difference.

2. Cutting Board

Cutting boards are always a great gift to give anyone. Personalized with names or designs cutting boards can be personalized in many ways. Whether you are giving this as a wedding present or for someone moving into a new home a cutting board is a great gift! Every time this person starts to make a meal they will think of the thoughtful gift you bought and customized for them.

3. Coasters

Coasters are a must have in someone’s home. No one wants to have rings of condensation on their furniture. With custom made coasters your friends and family are much more likely to show them off than the plane ones they purchased elsewhere. Whether you put a design, saying, or name on the coasters nothing will be ruined from the finish I use on top!

4. Necklaces

Necklaces are a great gift for anyone! From young to old I offer a variety of bar necklaces to be customized. Laser cutter projects with jewelry are fun to create and to give. These are great little gifts for anyone for birthdays or just a sweet gesture. If you are looking for bracelets some of my favorite laser cutter projects include necklaces and adjustable bracelets.

5. Dog Tags

Our furry friends are our best friends! Never lose your loved one with a customized dog tag. Your dog will not only have the coolest dog tag in the neighborhood, but he/she will look nice and classy too!

6. Charcuterie Board

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? This is a great gift for any family member or friend! Multiple designs and sayings can be laser cut into these boards making them unique. From Game of Thrones designs, to last names, to a favorite animal, these boards carry great customization.

7. Wine Glasses

So, you’ve ordered some fun coasters from me… why not finish it up with some fun wine glasses? You can design wine glasses to be personalized to your friends, family, or even yourself. Using wine glasses that are custom made are always fun and a great starter story when guests are visiting. A set of engraved wine glasses is always a gorgeous piece to own.

8. Puzzles

Looking for a fun game to plan on the weekends with everyone of all ages? Some of my favorite laser cutter projects are puzzles. Multiple designs are fun to sit and piece together!


Laser cutter projects are a creative outlet for anyone interested. If you are interested in any of the items I have listed above contact me or purchase them on my page. I look forward to your feedback of my design items!

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